10 September 2012

Happy Birthday, Emily! With a little work, your cabin could become a factory for interesting things in which we would be the creative engines. 128 x 128 mm.

30 July 2010

El Gran Teatro de La Habana se mueve seductoramente por la musica que esta produciendo adentro. El resto de los edificios en la capital sigío así, manifestando una fiesta arquitectónica. 210 x 260 mm.

16 June 2010

Are you tired of seeing the world through boring lenses? Try the new Architectural Spectacles for a renewed sense of being. 105 x 74 mm.

15 June 2010

Is there too much visual noise in your everyday environment? Try the new Architectural Spectacles for a pleasant filtration of visual stimuli. 124 x 70 mm.

14 June 2010

Does your life lack ornamentation? Try the new Architectural Spectacles for a vibrant, new you. 152 x 112 mm.

12 June 2010

For those with little time for formal ceremony, kiosk communion service is available at many convenient drive-thru locations. 52 x 64 mm.

11 June 2010

Slight derivations from a rigid rubric of architectural elements distinguish the dozens of chapels along the thoroughfares of coastal Iberia. Among the requisites are bell, tower, door, cross, and over-ornamentation. 52 x 64 mm.

10 June 2010

Conveniently spaced centers of worship along the coastal arterial for the impromptu spiritualist to be saved without stopping. 52 x 64 mm.

09 June 2010

Urban obliquity emerging as responsive to thousands of unseen influences, caught red-handed in the act of architectural evolution. 105 x 148 mm.

08 June 2010

Seen from the protected heights of the northwest tower of the Alcázar, Toledo spreads itself across the remaining hilltop like a quilt. And although the individual panels vary as greatly as Christianity differs from Judaism differs from Islam, they had been sewn together over the centuries in perfectly chaotic fashion. 105 x 140 mm.

05 June 2010

Like an interminable flock of sheep in steeply undulating terrain, the buildings in Lisbon clung to each other with inextricable dependency. 105 x 105 mm.

23 May 2010

From the water's edge, it was hard to tell whether the buildings had fallen from above and landed in a big heap of stone, wood, and windows or if they had erupted from the mountain beneath them in molten coagulation of building parts becoming architecture. 148 x 180 mm.

22 May 2010

The precision of the steelwork on the Ponte Luis I Bridge in Porto made up for the lack of engineering on the flanking slopes. Disheveled buildings in an organically (un)planned city. 105 x 175 mm.

18 May 2010

Order and design on an architectural scale and a chaotic labyrinth on an urban scale. 105 x 105 mm.

31 March 2010

A buggy without a beast—the fifteenth century equivalent of a car that has run out of gas (each analogous to the current state of affairs in Havana). 85 x 105 mm.

27 March 2010

The setting of the Russian Hotel on the beachfront promenade made the yellow building appear like it wore a red hat and a blue skirt with white trim. Pure primary fashion. 105 x 110 mm.

26 March 2010

What began as a shack for a lone fisherman in Baracoa grew piecemeal into a fine accommodation for those willing and able to navigate spiral stairs and forgo an unfinished balustrade. Mountain views from the same sea shores that Columbus first stumbled made up for any lack of architectural value. 105 x 105 mm.

24 March 2010

Had the truck continued its route toward the sea from the town of Paraguay, the intended Gtmo would have involved a great deal more anguish than the small, quiet town on the scheduled stop. 148 x 180 mm.

22 March 2010

With the disbandment of Buena Vista Social Club, old guys galore have taken to the streets of Cuba with his best rendition of "Chan Chan." Los Jubilados gently but passionately strum in the shade, on the stoop, as lazy traffic noise fills the silence between songs. 148 x 170 mm.

20 March 2010

From her perch on the pediment, the acroterion angel stood poised with her trumpet. On the first beat of the fifth measure of the last refrain of "Guantanamera," she tore into her trumpet with devilish intensity, taking the entire plaza of Santiago de Cuba by surprise. 105 x 120 mm.

11 March 2010

Last seen at a Saltlick performance in Eugene after throwing ultimate frisbees, Nathaniel Talbot has established a rhythmic foothold in the Portland music scene, most recently at Mississippi Pizza. 90 x 105 mm.

27 February 2010

Hovering just above the treetops at Spring Canyon Ranch, feigning acrophobia. 216 x 280 mm.

26 February 2010

Rogers Rim Rock Ranch (including subsequent additions by Spring Canyon Ranch owners) as seen by Captain A. W. Stevens of the Explorer II on its November 1935 world record-setting ascent to 72,395 feet in a 3.7 million cubic foot balloon. 148 x 180 mm.

31 December 2009

As the year ends, daring resolutions are hastily satisfied in an exposé of amateur acrobatics among the many branches in Aspen. 148 x 168 mm.

30 December 2009

While the women grind in more conventional fashion, the lumberjacks resort to their specialty. With the first few strokes, the Feller is an entertaining jig but soon ends in a heap of hair and flannel. 74 x 74 mm.

29 December 2009

When lumberjacks infiltrate the nightlife in Breckenridge, their skills are easily transferrable to whatever  rhythm they find, granted their fitness level can keep up. The Two-man Saw is particularly suited for electronic beats. 74 x 74 mm.

28 December 2009

Pioneered on the featureless prairie of Wyoming, the Pumpjack dance evokes the melancholic movement and reverential bow of its namesake as it bores its host. 105 x 105 mm.

25 December 2009

Lutefisk excluded, Christmas dinner resembled everything Scandinavian. Excess was the only unmistakably American addition. 105 x 105 mm.

20 December 2009

The muscular Monkey-puzzle (araucaria araucana), still strong after millions of years in existence. To be tattooed on a scale rivaling reality. 105 x 105 mm.

19 December 2009

Cartographic flora from places my brother has been in North America. From north to south: Canada (aceraceae), United States (rosa), Mexico (dahlia), Costa Rica (guarianthe skinneri), Panama (peristeria). Soon to be tattooed. 105 x 105 mm.

18 December 2009

What happens when something used for finding other things is lost? When found, is it disoriented? 105 x 105 mm.

17 December 2009

A floral map that charts our route through South America where my brother and I cycled for twleve months (see Bicyclandes). From north to south: Ecuador (chuquiraga jussieui), Peru (cantua buxifolia), Bolivia (heliconia rostrata), Chile (lapageria rosea), Argentina (erythrina crista-galli). In the process of being tattooed on his lower left-side. 148 x 148 mm.

16 December 2009

A geographic bouquet of flowers that represent each place my brother visited while traveling Southeast Asia. From north to south: Vietnam (nelumbo nucifera), Cambodia (mitrella mesnyi), Thailand (cassia fistula), Indonesia (rafflesia arnoldii), Malaysia (hibiscus rosa-sinensis), Singapore (vanda Miss Joaquim). Soon to be permanently inked on his left arm. 148 x 170 mm.

15 December 2009

Indetermination of recommendations for institution applications causes trepidation. 74 x 82 mm.

14 December 2009

Considering the speed at which he wrote, the letter could have been chiseled in cuneiform. 52 x 52 mm.

13 December 2009

Drafts fly off the desk with monk-like efficiency, expending volumes of ink, flocks of quill-tips, and crops of papyrus. 52 x 52 mm.

12 December 2009

If telephone lines could voice the encoded conversations they carry, intersections such as these would roar with weather reports, grain prices, and conference calls, intermixed with whispers of infidelity, wishes of holiday cheer, and want for more time. 210 x 230 mm.

11 December 2009

Though resembling a sliced onion, passersby cry for other reasons as they lament at what used to be: sacred, fertile ground that once hosted a sustainable nation, now poisoned by architecture inspired by irrelevant culinary staples. 148 x 160 mm.

10 December 2009

Birds committing the equivalent of a keg-stand on Aby's Feed & Seed. Circuitous flight patterns ensued shortly thereafter. 105 x 105 mm.

09 December 2009

Had there not been a concurrent birthday party and chemistry club meeting already underway at the bowling alley, the evening might not have been so immemorable. 52 x 52 mm.

08 December 2009

When comparing trees to tubers, one finds striking similarities that imply an underlying order. Some venture to recreate the system of distribution in artificial terms. Others simply draw them and comment on their similarity. 52 x 52 mm.

07 December 2009

Would potted plants be akin to caged animals? If so, this is a zoo. Otherwise, houseplants could be considered pets. That way, this would be more like a shelter. They do indeed look grateful against the blinding white backdrop of freshly fallen snow. 74 x 78 mm.

06 December 2009

The annual Christmas tree hunt was hastened by advancements in rapid prototyping of scissoral technology. Human limbs are to be kept clear of arboreal ones if preservation of digits is desired. 52 x 60 mm.

05 December 2009

Floral gurgitation of ornithological origin; or simply a bird that pukes plants. 52 x 58 mm.

04 December 2009

Among the many expressive mugs lining the Scandinavian cupboards in Middle America are those that reinforce the sentiments of life without coffee. 52 x 52 mm.

03 December 2009

Arbortectural solutions that respond to increasing demand for environmentally sensitive housing. 52 x 60 mm.

02 December 2009

For dually-addicted customers only. Both psychological and chemical fixes in one frustrating and unsatisfying operation. 105 x 130 mm.

01 December 2009

Imagine what bricks witness as spectators of a revolution. On one side, they listen as plans hatch over spilling steins; on the other side, they watch as the action happens. All in due course. 210 x 210 mm.

30 November 2009

The underside of Pulaski Bridge seemed strangely familiar, although for no reason would there have been occasion to frequent it. But in this case there was reason, however latent and overdue. 52 x 60 mm.

29 November 2009

His media is already there. It's everywhere, in fact. All he does is frame it. And in doing so, he captivates people. In his installation, people stayed for twenty minutes on average, sometimes longer than an hour. The piece: Meeting. The artist: James Turrell. 52 x 52 mm.